The company " PPHU ”KLIMAS” Paweł Klimas was founded in 2013 by Paweł Klimas, a young entrepreneur with big experience in the metal industry. The priority of the company was to produce metal nails for wood with the large scale sales.

In 2013, the company had two machines with the production capacity of over 100 tons per month. In 2013 the owner of the company discovered the huge demand of the construction market of metal pins, which are a very important component of the thermal insulation fasteners. Therefore, the company changed its priority objectives and decided to look for the insulating fittings manufacturers. Due to fact that the market for thermal insulation was growing rapidly it forced the company to increase production of metal nails with longer dimensions and to purchase new machines whose implementation was completed in 2014.

The company currently has got eight heading machines to produce metal pins. In order to reduce production costs, the company invested in wire drawing machines which allowed to use the wire rod, instead of wiredraw with particular dimension.